8 Critical Pieces Of Gear You Need To Survive Nearly Any Crisis...

Everything You Need to Stay Alive Whether You’re Bugging Out, Evacuating or Sheltering in Place

Dear Patriot,

Disaster can strike at any moment.

And the thing is, it doesn’t have to be a major catastrophe in order to put the lives of you and your loved ones in danger.

Something as simple as a water-main break can leave you without clean water for drinking, cooking and washing.

And while that can be a headache, imagine if a flood, hurricane, or other natural disaster struck without warning. You’d be without a lot more than water.

I don’t lose too much sleep over natural or manmade threats... but that’s because my wife and I have a plan in place just in case something does happen.

Problem is...

Most Americans Have No Plan at All

They take the securities and blessings of this great country for granted.

Reminds me of Hurricane Katrina.

Now that was a real third-world nightmare.

Imagine evacuating your family from your home as part of that mass exodus.

And if you weren’t one of the first “out the door,” fuel supplies were already dried up... leaving you and your family stranded.

Grocery stores quickly ran out of food.

Home improvement centers ran out of plywood... making it even more difficult for families to “shelter in place.”

It was total chaos, and the storm hadn’t even made landfall yet.

When the storm finally hit, the government was powerless to do anything... even though the National Guard had 10,000 troops dispatched across the Gulf Coast.

Levees broke and filled New Orleans with water... up to 20 feet in some areas. And New Orleans was only one of dozens of cities that were absolutely decimated by this 400-mile-wide storm.

Suddenly, clean water wasn’t just scarce for those holed up at their homes... it simply didn’t exist.

People were lined up for government handouts wherever they could get them... begging for whatever scraps FEMA saw fit to dole out.

And even if you could find enough food for your family, gas and electricity were a faint memory. So hot food was “off the table.”

If you were “lucky” enough to find shelter at the Superdome, you probably found out quickly that it was more like a Siberian death camp than a place to keep your family safe.

Looters took to the streets to pillage anything they could find.

Soon, the Government Started Confiscating Guns… Legal Guns

A group of people trying to escape across a bridge were forced back into the city by shotgun-wielding police.

Sounds like martial law to me.

Even if you managed to get out... you were still battling to find food, water and shelter for your family.

You were now one of hundreds of thousands of refugees picking through the remains of already scarce resources.

A Category 3 hurricane might be an extreme example of the need to have a plan, but the fact is it doesn’t take much to disrupt basic supplies.

Anything from a simple power outage to a catastrophic weather event can leave you trapped or on the run.

And if you don’t think ahead, even a minor crisis can leave you scrambling to provide basic life-sustaining food, water and heat for yourself and your family.

That’s why I put together the...


This isn’t one of those bulky “bug-out bags” with a bunch of unnecessary gear.

It’s the ultimate, “done-for-you” backup plan that will make sure you have all your bases covered in a crisis.

And, whether you’re bugging out, sheltering in place or forced by the government to leave your home it could be the 1 thing to save your life.

All neatly packaged in a compact, stackable, water-resistant tote. Perfect for your car, RV, boat or basement.

This kit would have been a game changer for anyone that had to live through Katrina, whether or not they got out of the city.

Or when wildfires in Tennessee forced families out of their homes unexpectedly. People had just minutes to grab essential items when fire officials forced their evacuations.

Here’s everything that’s included in the
Patriot Survival Kit:


Emergency Cooking Kit: From a blackout situation to a bug-out scenario, this compact and lightweight kit has everything you need to make sure you can cook a hot meal anywhere, anytime... in any conditions.

Includes a 2-quart aluminum pot and lid (perfect for our Food4Patriots survival food), collapsible survival stove with 12 solid fuel tablets (WWII soldiers didn’t go ANYWHERE without one of these), 6-in-1 pocket utensil (no eating with your fingers here), and a box of waterproof matches. A $49 value.

Food4Patriots 72-Hour Food Kit: This kit contains a full three days of high-quality survival food, so you never have to worry about going hungry if you find yourself in crisis. Nothing like a hot meal to keep your energy up and your mind sharp.

The 16 adult-size servings are good for 25 years... even if they’re sitting in your trunk! Packaged in resealable Mylar packages – the same technology NASA uses to make spacesuits! And variety for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
A $27 value.

Alexapure GO™ Self-Filtering
Water Bottle:
“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” Imagine being surrounded by water and not being able to drink a single sip. And in a flood, even the water that comes out of your tap is undrinkable.

Truly a breakthrough in “on the go” water filtration, the Alexapure GO filters out up to 99.9999% of waterborne pathogens, herbicides and pesticides. After all, water is even more important than food in a crisis... and you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have clean, fresh and safe drinking water... even if you get it from a muddy creek. Holds 28 ounces and can filter up to 300 gallons of water. A $67 value.

4Patriots Solar Air Lantern: This compact solar lantern deflates to only an inch tall, but with its 10 bright LEDs, solar panel and built-in lithium-polymer battery, you’ll be able to light up 15 square feet of space. It’s useful in everything from a simple power outage to a full-blown disaster.

With 3 different modes, you can use it to see your way in the dark, shed some light on a flat tire, or even as an emergency beacon. And a full charge can give you up to 12 full hours of light. Charge it out in the sun and never worry about dead batteries again. A $19 value.

Waterproof Fire Sticks: The word “waterproof” is thrown around a bit too much these days, but these fire sticks light quickly and easily... even after being submerged in water. Now that’s the definition of “waterproof” as far as I’m concerned.

Use as a fire-starter or use them all on their own for cooking or vital warmth in a crisis. When you don’t have the luxury of electricity, these fire sticks are just what the doctor ordered to keep you warm or deliver a hot meal. A $7 value.

4 Packs Of Waterproof Matches: Listen, even if you keep a Zippo or a cheap disposable lighter on you, the moment it gets wet... well, let’s just say you’ll be up a creek. These waterproof matches will fire right up... even after getting wet.

Don’t ever worry about waiting around for your lighter to dry out while you’re freezing to death or trying to cook up a hot meal. A $5 value.

Mylar Emergency Blanket: At 7 feet long and over 4 feet wide, this Mylar Emergency Blanket will reflect 90% of your body heat back to you. Fact is, when hypothermia starts setting in... you may not have time to get a cozy fire going. And if you’re on the move... well, you don’t have too many other options.

Small enough to fit in your back pocket, but important enough to be carried by soldiers and first responders everywhere. A $7 value.

4Patriots 11-In-1 Multi-Tool: Made of stainless steel and smaller than a business card, this 11-in-1 multi-tool should be in every American’s pocket. Ever try to bite through a rope? Well, carry this versatile tool with you and you’ll never have to.

Tighten screws, open cans and bottles, and with the built-in water compass, you can even find your way if you get lost. Pretty handy. Actually, indispensable.
A $10 value.

By now you’re probably wondering…

How Much Does It Cost?

Truth be told there’s no price you can put on the lives of those you love. And we could probably charge a pretty penny for a done-for-you kit like this one.

But we want every American family to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have the “ultimate plan B” tucked away… ready to grab when you need it.

All in all, the Patriot Survival Kit has a value of $191, but as a Patriot Hotlist member, you can grab one today for just $99.95. That’s almost 50% off retail – you save $91.05!

You get it all – eight survival-essential items total – for only $99.95 with FREE SHIPPING!

  • Emergency Cooking Kit $49
  • 72-Hour Emergency Food Kit $27
  • Alexapure Go Bottle $67
  • Solar Air Lantern $19
  • Emergency Fire Sticks $7
  • 4-Pack of Waterproof Matches $5
  • Emergency Blanket $7
  • 11-in-1 Multi-Tool $10
  • Total Value $191


Add to Cart - $147.00
Add to Cart - $99.95

Order online. Any Time
24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week / 365 Days a Year

If You Grab More Than One The Deal
Gets Even Better!

Since you’re a Patriot Hotlist member, we’ve arranged some amazing discounts if you buy more than one... so you can make sure you and your family are protected today.

Most customers grab one for each person in their family so that they never have to worry about rationing. And so that they never have to choose who gets life-saving supplies, and who doesn’t.

That means peace of mind for you... and your family.

And, of course, there’s no risk to you because you’ll be covered by my...

365-Day “Patriot Tough” Guarantee

Guarantee #1

Just try the Patriot Survival Kit for a year – yep, 365 days! If you don’t like it or change your mind, simply return it within one year and I’ll refund 100% of the purchase price – no questions asked – I promise

Just Look at What These Customers Had to Say About the Patriot Survival Kit

Jerry Smith
June 3 at 1:43pm ·

This little kit combines a number of useful items in a compact format. Affordable and great quality for anyone interested in providing it as a gift to others.

Like · Comment · Share
Caroline Simpson
July 25 at 8:45am ·

This is a sweet package! Once the pot is out of the box there is room for even more essentials (like toilet paper and more fuel). I'm going to need more kits!

Like · Comment · Share
Carol Haagen
July 14 at 8:18am ·

I was expecting cheap flimsy products but was pleasantly surprised to find that I received quality products that look as if they will be durable and hold up during a crisis.

Like · Comment · Share
Renae Yates
June 2 at 12:15pm ·

I have been an avid outdoorswoman since I was 6 years old on my first camping trip I can remember. I've purchased a ton of food and other items from 4Patriots since last September, when I discovered them. I've been so happy with all of my purchases! I bought a "Patriot Survival Kit." We have 4 vehicles so I bought 4. These kits are absolutely perfect. I love these kits and the small totes they come in. They are a perfect starter kit for getting home or bugging out. Thank you so much for helping me protect my family and be prepared for any disaster at home and away from home!

Like · Comment · Share
Brad Vickers
October 12 at 9:44am ·

An immediate, short-term supply is essential to people who either plan for the worst or understand the discomforts associated with post-natural-disaster realities. I can attest to the fact that the food in the 72-Hour Kit is delicious and the servings are large! Too many things race through your mind when forced to evacuate, to have to burden yourself with do I have this or do I have that.͛ Get ready now so you can get out with hope and knowledge that your needs are met nutritionally

Like · Comment · Share
Carol Stewart
July 25 at 8:45am ·

I have ordered a lot from 4Patriots, and in all my interaction with them, I have never had a negative experience. I love your products, your food and your customer service team!

Like · Comment · Share

These are the kinds of stories that put a smile on my face for the entire day.

When someone has a "wow" moment like this because of one of our products, that makes everything worth it for me. Because at 4Patriots we're all about freedom and self-reliance, and our mission is to give you peace of mind in an uncertain world.

And it’s not just our customers' reviews and testimonials we’re proud of...

We’re Also Proud to Give Back to Our Veterans

When you claim your Patriot Survival Kit today, we'll donate part of the proceeds to support veterans and their families. 

With your help, we support Operation Homefront, Fisher House and A Soldier’s Child Foundation. So you can feel good knowing that you’re supporting those who serve... while getting the peace of mind that comes from protecting those you love.

Look… You May Not Have a Second Chance to Put Your Family First

Listen, anything from a hurricane to an earthquake to being stranded in a remote location when you’re out for a leisurely drive can put the lives of you or your family at risk.

Whether that means “getting out of Dodge” or “holding down the fort”, you’ll know that the Patriot Survival Kit has the critical items you need to make sure you’re not at the mercy of an impotent government.

So here’s what you should do right now:

Grab a Patriot Survival Kit at this low price while we still have them in stock.

Our supply of these kits is going fast – we only put together a limited number of them and most customers are buying more than one.

Many families opt for the 4-pack of kits.

With the 4-pack, you can have one for each person in your family. Or one for home, work, and each of your vehicles. So if something does happen, you can get out... or hunker down... quick.

I wouldn’t leave it up to chance if I were you. Please act now, before they sell out.

To your survival,

Frank Bates

Add to Cart - $147.00
Add to Cart - $99.95

Order online. Any Time
24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week / 365 Days a Year
Guarantee #1

Just try the Patriot Survival Kit for a year – yep, 365 days! If you don’t like it or change your mind, simply return it within one year and I’ll refund 100% of the purchase price – no questions asked – I promise

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