The #1 Item You MUST Keep In Your Car

Dear Patriot,

You probably don’t ever think about it, but the fact is, your car can quickly become your own personal “no-go zone.”

Every day, we take for granted that when we put our key into the ignition, our trusty car will fire right up and get us where we need to go.

We just go about our business, driving here or there, oblivious to the potential hazards of a weak, dying, or dead car battery…

And you won’t get any advanced notice of your day taking a total nosedive when your car becomes a 3,000 pound deadweight.

Life Changes in an Instant

Just picture this …

A quick errand can leave you stuck in a store parking lot for hours, when your car’s engine refusing to start takes you by surprise… 

Or after a simple pit stop, when that familiar “grinding click” reveals a dead car battery… and now you’re stranded off the interstate three hours from nowhere…

Maybe it’s something more serious, like going out when “just a few snowflakes” turns into dangerous “black ice…” you lose control of the wheel and careen into a ditch… trapped with no way out…

And worse yet, what if you’ve got a dead battery AND a dead cell phone?

But even if you’re lucky enough to have one of those fancy built-in satellite alert services like OnStar, help can’t get to you in nanoseconds.


When a roadside emergency throws your well-laid plans a curve ball, you’re on your own.

Why YOU Are Your Only Real "Back-Up Plan"

Truth is, every time you put that key into the ignition, you’re taking a gamble.

Most days, Lady Luck smiles on you, your car’s engine turns over, and you’re on your way.

But when your car battery decides to conk out on you, it’s more than just an inconvenience, like being late for that important staff meeting at work, or driving your kids to their weekly soccer game. 

A simple dead car battery could quickly become a life-threatening situation.

And believe me, if you don’t know what you’re doing, jumper cables can be downright dangerous – causing sparks, which can lead to fire, and maybe even an explosion! 

Not to mention, you’ve got to rely on the kindness of strangers (who may not be so kind!) to make the darned jumper cables work!

Depending on the circumstances, you’re putting yourself and your whole family at risk for all kinds of mayhem.

Things like:

Hypothermia in freezing temperatures (our Polar Vortex winters aren’t letting up, folks!)…

Being hit on the highway shoulder by distracted or drunk drivers…

Attacked by roving roadside predators looking for easy prey…

Folks, any one of these is a scenario that can happen anywhere.

Please don’t kid yourself. A dead car battery can happen if you’ve got a 20-year-old rust-bucket you’ve been driving since high school, or a brand new luxury sedan.

And unless you’ve got it made by living in a paradise like Hawaii or sunny southern California, the odds of a dead car battery triple during the harsh winter months.

And help? That could be minutes, even HOURS away, depending on where you are … and if it’s a remote location, it can even be days.

This is why you need the tools to be your very own “First Responder.”

You need something that instantly tilts the odds of survival in your favor.

Meet Your "Roadside Savior": The Patriot Power Hub

Introducing the Patriot Power Hub - the ultimate in roadside security. It’s so small, it weighs only one pound and fits right in the palm of your hand. But don’t let the small size fool you, folks…the Patriot Power Hub features 5+ lifesaving devices that will get you out of a jam when you really need it...

It’s even ticking off tow truck drivers and some “triple letter” corporate bigwigs that want to keep ordinary American drivers like you and me at the mercy of their sky-high fees and slow service!

There’s one thing though …

Please don’t confuse the Patriot Power Hub with other devices that may claim to do the same things. Because try as they might, they simply can’t do everything this amazing little roadside wonder can!

Like Having an On-Call Tow Truck Driver and First Responder With You

Just check out what makes the Patriot Power Hub so revolutionary:

  • Jump-starts almost anything. State-of-the-art, lithium polymer battery can jump-start cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and even a bus or an RV! No more tangling with heavy, dangerous jumper cables that can spark or even cause an explosion!
  • Charges critical electronic devices. It can charge virtually any device, from tablets to cell phones and even e-readers! You’ll feel extra-secure knowing you’ve got the means to call for help and communicate with family or 9-1-1.
  • Fits in your hand. So compact and portable, a child could carry it. You can truly take or store it anywhere. It weighs one pound, which makes it perfect for teens, seniors or anyone who can’t lift heavy jumper cables (those suckers can weigh in at 20 pounds or more!)
  • Provides powerful light. Ultra-bright LED safety light (rated at 130+ lumens – oncoming traffic will spot you a mile away!) functions as a powerful flashlight or a flashing yellow strobe light at the touch of a button.
  • In an emergency situation, use the steel glass-break hammer — it’s engineered to help you escape!
  • So simple, ANYONE can use it. And we mean anyone – grandparents, single moms, high school kids, and everyone in between. The instructions are really as easy as 1-2-3… see for yourself!

When your battery dies, simply take out your Patriot Power Hub, attach the lightweight provided cords, and start your engine. In less than five minutes, you’ll be safely on your way. No waiting around for roadside assistance or revving your car’s engine to get enough of a charge to get going.

With this ingenious little device, you’re literally putting the “power” back in your own hands – not just to jump-start your car and be on your way when your battery dies, but to level the odds of survival and tip them in your favor in a crisis.

A "Defibrillator for Your Car" That Raises Your Vehicle From the Dead and Fits in Your Glove Box

Here’s exactly what you get when you order the Patriot Power Hub today:

  • Safe, lithium polymer battery unit (so powerful it can jump-start an RV, a bus, a fleet of cars – even a plane!)
  • Rugged plastic shell (can withstand almost any kind of road conditions or extreme temperatures)
  • 130+ lumen LED safety light (for nighttime roadside emergencies)
  • Strobe light option (to warn oncoming traffic and alert first responders)
  • Glass-breaking hammer (breaks hardened, tempered auto glass in seconds!)
  • Jumper cables with fuse, 12V up to 400A (universal standard)
  • DC to DC charger
  • AC charger
  • Universal cell phone charger (gives your phone plenty of juice to call for help, tell loved ones where you are, and to pinpoint your location)
  • Universal USB charger (for your iPad, iPod, e-reader, or laptop)
  • Ballistic nylon carrying case (holds everything and stores neatly in your console, glove box, or back seat!)
  • Instructions for use and care (so simple a child can understand it)

Sounds Great, but What’s it Going to Cost?

Now, I know what you must be thinking. 

You love the way it sounds and you’d like to get a Patriot Power Hub for every driver of your family …

Like your spouse that works the night shift and has a long commute…

Or your teenager who just got her license and her safety keeps you up at night…

Maybe an elderly parent who lives and drives alone…

There’s just one problem, or so you might think.

Something this revolutionary, which replaces 5+ life-saving devices in one, has got to cost a fortune, right?

Considering what you’re already paying in terms of car insurance, roadside assistance memberships, future car rentals and tow truck fees that can easily run into thousands of dollars, the Patriot Power Hub is probably the best bargain you’ll ever hear of …

In fact, with just one use, it’ll pay for itself – many times over!

So right now, as a special introductory offer, you can get the Patriot Power Hub for the special promotional price of just $99.95.

Normally, this device costs $149.95…but for a limited time, I want to make it available to anyone that wants to ensure they never get stranded by a dead car battery again. And because most people need one for each driver in their family, I’ve got some special deals over on the checkout page when you order more than one.

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to claim your Patriot Power Hub now.

That’s right. You can get the priceless peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are equipped to handle almost any kind of roadside emergency situation – for less than a hundred bucks.

In fact, folks say the Patriot Power Hub is such a car safety necessity; they’ve decided to get one for every driver in the family!

But be warned, Friend … the Patriot Power Hub isn’t available in any WalMart, auto parts store, or any other online retailer like Amazon.

You can only get it right here, right now, right from yours truly.

And, if you click the orange button now, I’ve got something even better in store for you that’ll make your decision to get a Patriot Power Hub for every driver in your family, ultra dead-simple.

Even though the Patriot Power Hub is a steal at $99.95, if you really think about it, you need to have one at the ready for anyone in your family that drives.

And if you order more than one, I’ll do you one better and practically give it away for even less (plus set you up with a bunch of FREE bonuses you’ll love!).

A Patriot Power Hub travelling with each driver in your family is the closest you can get to being there to protect them yourself…

Please don’t wait to jump on this offer, folks. With bad weather on the way, there’s no telling how long I’ll be able to hold on to the small number of Patriot Power Hubs I’ve got in stock.

Once word got out, people started clamoring for them… and to be honest, I was kind of blindsided by the demand. Most people are buying more than one! 

If you act now, I’ve also got my famous “Double Guarantee” that’ll make this decision a true “no-brainer.”

No Risk, Only Rewards

Guarantee #1

Guarantee #1: Try the Patriot Power Hub for a year. You heard right – 365 days! If you don’t like it or change your mind, I’ll refund 100% of the purchase price – no questions, hassles, or red tape.

Guarantee #2

Guarantee #2: If your fully charged Patriot Power Hub ever lets you down and leaves you stranded, we’ll give you your money back AND we’ll pay you $300 for your inconvenience and roadside-assistance costs. Just send us the tow truck bill and a picture of the scene, and return your Patriot Power Hub, and we’ll refund your money and cut you a check pronto for $300.

Just Read What Other Americans Are Saying About the Patriot Power Hub:

Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial

The Next Best Thing to Being There Yourself

Listen, Friend … I know some things in life sound “too good to be true.”

Most of the time, they are. But in this case, it’s not.

The Patriot Power Hub is a powerful ally for you and anyone you love who drives a car. It could be the key to surviving a roadside emergency for both yourself, and when you can’t be there for those you love …

  • For your spouse, driving to work when you’re on business trip …
  • Or your son or daughter, hundred of miles away at college and stuck in a bad part of town…
  • Maybe an elderly parent who insists on remaining independent by driving themselves everywhere, but you still worry …

Won’t it feel great to know you’ve got your “roadside savior” ready to use in minutes flat, rather than be stuck in a parking lot or on the side of the road, waiting hours for a pricey tow truck to get you on your way?

Or better yet, knowing the Patriot Power Hub is always at the ready for those you love … when you can’t be.

The time to act is now.

Click the "Add to Cart" button below.

Testimonial Testimonial

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